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2022 PS Elite 10

Jul 8th - 12th 2022

14U $1,500
16U $1,700

2022 PS Elite 10

Jul 8th - 12th 2022

14U $1,500
16U $1,700

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About 2022 PS Elite 10

Event Date: Jul 8th - 12th 2022
Age Group(s): 14U, 16U
Location(s): Minneapolis, MN
Guaranteed Games: 4

This marks the first season of the brand of tournament known as PS Elite 10. This will be an INVITE ONLY high level event designed to bring together the best teams in a respective region. In addition to high level teams, we will be securing top notch venus for the Elite 10 tournaments, with the goal of further enhancing the teams' experience. College coaches and pro scouts will have the ability to come to a single venue and lock in on some of the best teams in the area. We do expect this event to sell out quickly.  If you have interest please request an invite today.

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Rain & Inclement Weather Policy:

Once a tournament starts, the first pitch is thrown, no refunds will be given. 20% credits will be awarded to team(s) who play less than 25% of their originally scheduled games.

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