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Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Jan 08, 2018

2019 Prospects:

Alexander Aguila MIF/OF: Showed very well both at SS & in the OF defensively, very light on his feet moves exceptionally well laterally, plenty on his arm. The swing is still getting better, I think it’s a little ahead now from the left side. Will be a good player at the next level. Good runner.

Ryan Cabarcas LHP: Ryan has participated in TOPPS, and we think he has a great arm. Was up to 88 this weekend and hes already been better than that. The arm works very well and has ability to spin plus breaking ball. Really gets on the hitter.

Leon Paulino OF: Good actions across the board. Swung it well this weekend, was 88 from the OF. A lot of projection. Ran 6.97. 

Nicholas Hardy C/RHP: Nicholas showed well with the bat, and is very athletic behind the dish, but he makes this list for me as an arm. I really love his arm action and fast twitch delivery. I think he is going to throw hard, and has a chance to throw REALLY HARD if it all clicks. He was in the 86-87 range and touched an 89 this past weekend, SL 73, CH 73. Solid command and worked down hill, proto-typical arm action, vey clean.

Xavier Moronta OF/LHP: Very sound swing, love the ease of it, consistently finds the barrel. Good on the mound as well, H3/4 quick arm that’s hard to see on the back side, jumps on the hitter, good CH, solid CB. Was up to 87 this past weekend. Xavier will be a huge addition, and is going to help someone win a lot of games.

TK Knierim 2019 OF: Athletic build, all actions are with minimal effort which makes me think he has very big jumps ahead. Plus runner in the 6.5 – 6.6 range. Bat stays in the zone for a long time at the plate.

Mykanthony Valdez 3B: Has absolute HUGE power, and is fun to watch take BP. Easy, repeatable bat speed & maintains balance. Was impressed with the way he moved defensively, light on his feet and looked the part at 3B. If he can be good enough defensively to stay at 3B at next level will be outstanding prospect.

Jeremy Neff LHP: Good arm, OTT slot, strong lower 1/2, a lot more in the tank, good arm speed on CH with late fade action, small break to SL. FB up to 84 this past weekend.

Drew Beno 3B/2B: For me, Drew has transitioned from a solid player, to a potential big time impact bat at the next level. Repeats swing in a large way, middle field approach has a ton of hits in there, solid defensively.

Chase Chatman LHP/CF: Clean delivery, ability to throw CB for strike early, and bounce for put away later in count. FB 84-84 range. Very smooth swing, good actions, bat speed is just okay right now, should improve with added strength.

Taylor Clapp MIF: Like him a lot at the plate, has a chance to really hit at a high level, simple repeatable, good bat speed, very strong hands at point of contact.

Jack Ronan RF/RHP: Good frame, strong, on the mound he worded down hill, shows some sign of upside, touched an 87 on the mound. Some effort to delivery. Good bat speed at the plate.

Christian Muniz 3B: Christian is a prospect we have been following a few years now. Has a great build, and I think there is no doubt potential. The bat speed has continued to improve, the ball is carrying better off his bat, good leverage. He will be driving it out of the yard soon! Good actions defensively at 3B. Great follow.

Thomas Ziggy OF: Caught my eye during his BP with his swing potential. I think there is much more in there with an added hand load. Swing was a little stiff at the beginning but once he got going the bat path was a thing of beauty. Follow bat. Ran a 6.87. 

2020 Prospects:

Mason Manriquez C/RHP: Solid young arm in the 83-85 range, quick 3/4 slot, Good swing as well.

Jordan Carrion SS/RHP: Will end up high level national prospect. Moves with ease defensively. One of the best young prospects I have seen at reading the baseball off the bat and getting himself in a good position to field an easy hop. Short quick stroke at the dish, bat speed makes the ball jump. Sneaky pop. Also a dude on the mound in the upper 80s with plus breaker.

Timmy Manning LHP: High level national pitching prospect. Extreme competitiveness on the mound. Absolutely locked in at all times, and executes pitches in a large way. Quick, clean H3/4 arm slot, was 85 – 88 this weekend. CH & CB both project to be plus pitches for him as well. Heavy three pitch mix that featured a backdoor CB w/ hard late depth, CH is thrown through the zone with arm speed. WOW.

Enrique Bradfield OF: Another high level prospect on the national level. LHH with sweet swing, moves very well in the OF, great reads on the ball off the bat. Plus runner in the 6.5 range.

Mikel Cuvet LHP: Good arm, loose, sneaky FB 81 - 84, some spin to CB but still inconsistent, good follow, should end up being a solid prospect.

Angel Mediavilla LHP: Very loose armed LHP. Was in the 83 range this weekend. The FB jumps on the hitter, always seems heavy to the hitter. The effortless delivery allows him to spin the CB very well. Creates matchup nightmares to LHP. Once FB makes jump, CB will be even tougher.

Riley Rosario 1B: Good young follow bat. Nothing “flashy” to his swing but its just very solid. Hit a ball or two out in BP, gets good carry. Very repeatable actions.

Wyatt Holiday RHP/1B: LH with huge power potential, very easy set up, minimal effort and the ball really jumps off his bat, middle of the order power type. On the mound was up to 85, good arm H3/4 slot.

Nate Thomas RHP: Was lights out this weekend in his live inning. Whippy ¾ slot that is very loose & with minimal effort. FB was 86-87 and was a nightmare for RHH on their hands. As he adds a SL with good hand speed it will get even better. Worked fast & attacked the hitter with confidence. Like him a lot as impact arm.

Sean Benscome SS/3B: I think Sean is going to be a guy. Still needs to add a lot of strength but his baseball actions are good.  LHH with a sweet swing. Good hands defensively.

Alex Restrepo OF: High end young bat from left side. Small frame but is really going to hit at high level.

Jesus Pacheco C/SS: A good all around player. Good catch and throw tool, moves well at SS and makes all the plays. Some moving parts at the plate but controls the barrel well. 6.78 runner. 

Charlie Nichols OF/RHP: Has a chance to be very interesting prospect. Was 87 throwing from the OF, solid swing. I liked him best on the mound. Looks the part, works quick & has some swag. FB was up to 85 from OTT slot, solid mechanics.

2021 Prospects:

Devin Futrell OF/LHP: High level prospect, great actions across the board, upright relaxed stance, some good rhythm and timing, natural lift on the ball. Will start to jump as he adds strength. His future may be on the mound as he projects very well there with his H3/4 slot and good angle he creates from loose arm. Huge ceiling!

Alex Ulloa SS: Very polished young swing with fast twitch actions. + Bat speed that he repeats, ran 7.0 60 yard dash and was already 90 across the diamond during IF. High level prospect. Plays the game hard.

Dawson Ball C/RHP: Good follow prospect. LHH’ing catcher who can swing it. Receives it well behind the dish. Solid arm on the bump as well in the 83 range with some pitchability.

Nick Anello RHP: Good arm, funky quick twitch delivery, good feel for CH, threw it with good hand speed in his inning of work. CB will improve as he trusts and throws it harder with conviction. Sat in 85-87 range.

Juhlien Gonzalez SS: Very advanced swing, good bat speed, will really hit, good all around player, was good on the mound. Physical frame, strong for age. Solid on the mound as well, flashed some pitchability, and baseball IQ alternating his tempo to disrupt timing.

Kyle Tako OF: Tons of bat speed created in his swing, short and quick to the ball, creates very good carry. Advanced for age. All actions were +. Threw 90 from the OF.

Marcus Franco 1B: WOW type power from this young hitter. Marcus can mis hit balls out of the yard already as a freshman. I can’t wait to watch him over the next few years. Very intriguing because he is not an “all or nothing” type of hitter like many young power bats. Showed ability in game situation to consistently barrel it up.

Benjamin Petri SS: All the makings of an impact bat. The ball jumps, very strong for age.

Ryan Reccio SS: Good follow bat, slightly open stance, bat speed, should start driving the ball.

Ray Sobrino C: Young C who has a chance to hit for some power

Rene Lastres C: Physical, another strong young C who can hit from some pop

2022 Prospects:

Edwin Arroyo SS: Ambidextrous, pitched an inning left handed after playing SS as a righty. I see him strictly as a SS prospect at this point in time. Good follow, smooth actions and loose swing that creates good whip through the zone.

Jake Santos SS: Good young SS, follow prospect.

Carmine Mercadonte: Follow prospect, good actions

Wilder Puertas SS/RHP: Actions really stood out, moves well at SS good arm w/ carry. Good swing at the plate. On mound was up to 83 already w/ feel for a breaker.





































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