SCORPS High School Tryout Camp: Player Notes

Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Jan 25, 2017

2018 Prospects

Blake Buckley 3B: Nice set up. Soft easy feet. Short stride, gets in a good hitting position. Used the entire field during his session. Polished defensive tools.

Sam Cornelius OF: LHH, physical presence. Really worked to get barrel out in front. Above average pull side power. More than adequate defender for the D1 level.

Noah Dickerson OF: LHH, all the present tools to hit. Looks to lift the baseball. Does a great job adjusting barrel. Developing defensive tools. Good follow.

Matt Hurley 2018 C: RHH, some effort in swing. Little stiff, but generates above a average bat speed for age. Works to stay behind baseball and lift. Developing catching tools.

Jake Waxler 3B: The swing is developing but has all the tools to hit. High leg kick. Aggressive approach. Max effort swing with hard contact.

Slade Cecconi RHP: Up to 94 with arm side run from ¾ arm slot. Above avg SL, with a chance to be a true out pitch down the road, already throws it with great velocity. Maintains arm speed on 80 MPH CH. Sky is the limit for Slade with his big athletic frame and loose arm. Big things ahead.

Gabe Faucheaux IF: 2 Piece swing, was able to hit the baseball to all fields with authority. Slightly above avg defender, polished feet and hands, with good lateral movement.

Joshua Haygood OF: LHH OF, plus runner with a 6.5 60 time at camp. Raw swing, w/ some crude actions but generates good bat speed. As he matures and adds barrel control the hit tool will make big jumps. Solid defender but may end up in left field due to arm strength.

Anthony Ragosta RHP: Displayed feel for three pitches at camp from ¾ slot 88 FB, 73 SL, 80 CH. A lot of effort in his delivery, landed with open front foot, as he adds command in and out will make jumps, short compact arm stroke.

Miguel Soto Jr MIF: Effortless swing, avg bat speed now but creates a good hand path, and had consistently good contact in his rounds of BP at camp. Above avg defender, good lateral movement, good first step, okay arm strength but very good quick transfer.

Matthew Boynton RHP: Good follow arm, was in 83 range from H3/4 slot, good 3 pitch mix in the zone, good fade to CH

Troy Britts RHP: Good looking follow arm from ¾ slot, was up to 86 in the game, located well, 69 CB, 71-72 CH

David Bulmer RHP: Vey good frame, long and lanky, small break to SL, good action to CH, a little bit of a short strider, more in there. 84-85 FB, 73-74 SL from ¾ slot

Kevin Casey OF: Some pop in the bat, leg lift, good balance, pull approach, gets head out looking to pull, think he’s going to hit, some leverage

Reid Clark C: Good approach at the dish, chance to swing it as a C, good path, barreled it up consistent, POP time in the 2.03 range

Giovanni Digiacomo OF: LSU Commit, Good bat speed, stays through the ball w/ good extension, also good athlete, runs effortlessly, 6.72 60 time, 85 from the OF

Garrett Evans MIF: FAU Commit: Strong prospect with some present strength, fast twitch type actions, polished hands and feet defensively, should have the ability to play multiple positions, present pull side power

Jordan Lala OF: Jordan jumped off the page with big time athleticism at SCORPS event. He ran a 6.65, and there are certainly still jumps ahead and he runs very easy. At the dish he has a pure swing, quiet, good set up and balance, creates some leverage

Ben McCabe C: Ben makes this list due to his high level ability to catch and throw. He was consistently in the 1.96 range, and it was effortless for him. He displayed quick feet, a good transfer, and good accurate throws to the bag. At the dish showed solid bat speed, hits enough to be an enticing C prospect.

Michael Materetsky RHP: Interesting follow arm. Was up to 83 at camp, but has been up to 86 in the past. Funky type, herky jerky delivery from ¾ slot.

Nic Nolan MIF: FGCU Commit: Bat is in the zone a long time, used the whole field, good athlete, fast twitch polished type actions. Defensively keeps his actions really simple, repeats them. Ran a 6.66 at camp.

Dustin Reville OF/3B: Upright stance, good idea of what he’s trying to do in the box, relaxed, bat in the zone a long time, good follow bat who can play multiple positions

Dylan Robinson OF/RHP: Dylan is one of the more interesting follow prospects for me at camp based on potential. Tall lanky framed prospect with some present tools to work with. Hands work nice at the plate & the ball comes off nice from the left side. Fast twitch type actions, especially for a taller athlete. Ran 6.82, and also showed some arm strength up to 84 on the bump.

Tony Rossi RHP: Tony sat 84-85 from H3/4 slot, great frame and good downhill plane, 78-79 Straight CH, good CB at 70. Heavy FB, gets on the hitter.

Connor Scott OF/LHP: Florida Commit: Connor is a legit 2 way guy, but this weekend I saw him take BP only. I loved his swing & would have to put it up there as one of the best I have seen in the 2018 class. He has relaxed upright stance with some rhythm to it, his hands are ELITE, and the ball jumps off the barrel. I think he is going to REALLY hit at a high level and the power will also match.

Cato Sinkus RHP: Cato flashed some arm speed, and sat in the 85-86 range from H3/4 slot. Strong lower ½ in his delivery, clean mechanically, good feel to SL at 72-75.

Luis Sirit MIF: Minimal effort type of actions across the board, good bat path, good set up, the bat is in the zone for a long time. Showed well defensively good transfer getting the ball in and out of glove in a hurry, good body control

Cade Taylor 3B: Max effort type swing, but the balls sounds different when it comes off

Garrett Wallace IF: Very interesting prospect, I liked his actions this weekend and think there is a bright future ahead. The glove skills are there, soft hands, and he moves well in the IF. At the dish flashed good bat speed, showed ability to back spin the ball, good carry

2019 Prospects:

Connor Walsh MIF: Athletic fast twitch, ran a 6.7 60 yard dash, very crude defensively & at the plate but all tools are present to become a possible high level prospect.

Benjamin Chestnutt RHP: Pitched comfortably 81-83 topped 84 from OTT slot, some funk in the arm action, sneaky FB. 71 MPH true 12/6 breaking ball. Also showed feel for 71 MPH CH. A lot of deception to his delivery, maintained arm speed and located in/out up/down. 

Austin Thomas RHP: Very high level arm, Miami commit, effortless delivery was up to 90 and and displayed sharp breaking 12/6 tilt to CB. 

Aidel Aguiar MIF: Switch Hitter, repeatable swing from both sides. Balanced lower half. Good Finish

Tyrell Brewer SS: RHH, Polished swing for age. On time, in sync lower half. Interesting prospect due to his ceiling being through the roof offensively. He is also a possible future plus defender.

2019 Sammy Pirozzi C: High leg kick on time. Small load, creates natural lift. Maximizes lower half. Utilized the entire field during his two rounds. Interested to see as he adds more strength. Showed advanced receiving skills in pen sessions. Have seen him in the low 2.0 range.

Caleb Cali MIF: Soft leg kick. Balanced lower half. Good hand path. Really showed the ability to back spin the baseball. Should hit at a high level. Works to get hands out in front defensively, plenty of arm strength at 81 to stay in the MIF. Will be high level prospect.

Emil Valenzuela SS: Lean wiry frame, 6.9 runner, the arm slot has improved from SS, compact easy strong at the plate, should have some pop, will be a D1 guy for sure.

Yazael Nunez MIF: Some effort in the swing. Toe to heel timing mechanism. Tools are present to hit. Good lateral movement defensively, plus arm strength at 86 across the diamond w/ smooth actions.

Trett Wadford MIF: Trett Wadford LHH with a linear approach. Consistent hard contact. Really worked the fat (middle) part of the field. Swing works!

Alex Ballard1B: RHH physical appearance. Interesting set of hitting tools. Potential above average power guy. Developing defensive tools.

Liam Morrissey C: Simple polished swing. Great extension, barrel stays in the hitting zone for a long time. Lacks strength. 2.0 pop time and showed promise defensively.

Jud Fabian OF: WOW rounds of BP at camp, elite level swing, very polished for his age, creates natural lift, very LOUD contact, it sounds different off his bat. Definitely good enough defender to stay in the OF at the collegiate and professional level. High level prospect.

Hayden Muecke RHP: Fast paced delivery with a lot of funk, up to 83 from OTT slot. 67 MPH CB that is soft but has great shape. 73 MPH CH.

Matthew DeVarona RHP: Good follow arm that has his best days ahead of him! Was in the low 80 range this weekend at camp, but has been better in the past. Stride is short now, but the arm really works, has a great frame, and has some feel for O/S. Expect him to be mid upper 80’s in near future.

Ethan Dage OF: Good lower ½, 50/50 linear/rotational swing, good hand path with consistent hard contact. Above avg bat speed for class.

Michael Dorso LHP: Young LHP w/ quick, live arm. Was up to 84 at camp from H3/4 slot, 62-63 CB, and 65 CH

Hardy Sutton LHP: Very good frame, good feel for his mechanics, has some rhythm and feel. Creates good downhill action from H3/4 slot, FB 81-82, SL 72, CH 74-76.

Matt Lambertson RHP: Good FB, live arm, was up to 85 with sink from ¾ slot, CB at 68

Stephen Loubier RHP: Good build, arm works, showed ability to sink the baseball from H3/4 slot, FB was in the 83 range, should be making velo jumps soon, spins the SLV enough to be good, FB – Breaker combo

Drew McGuckin RHP/IF: Already very physical prospect for age. Clean mechanics, showed good pace to his delivery, FB was in the 85-86 range from ¾ slot, flashed good shape to his 69 MPH CB. 2 WOW rounds of BP, nice set up with great balance and extension. Chance to be plus power guy.

Major Posey RHP: Good arm, FB sat 83-84 from H3/4 slot, good tilt to SL at 76 MPH, and maintains arm speed well on CH

Dayvon Terry RHP: Tall lanky arm w/ +athleticism on the bump. OTT slot, up to 83, very quick arm, creates good leverage, strong lower ½. Showed the ability to spin a good breaker & some feel for a CH. Expect him to be a big time prospect.

2020 Prospects:

Colin Apgar OF/RHP: Physical frame, swings it from the left side with some pop, aggressive approach. Good arm on the mound already up to 83 with life from ¾ slot.

Nolan Miller C/RHP: Showcased well at camp in his game portion, received really well. Developing actions, good arm strength. Good follow as a two way guy.

Logan Bray C: Good young bat to follow, simple stroke at the plate, strong lower ½, chance to be offensive C

Michael Brooks UTIL: Has the ability to play multiple positions, good swing, stays through the ball, uses whole field, good actions all around.

Alexander Bryant RHP/3B: Follow arm has a chance on the bump, good feel for three pitches, good stroke at the dish, long swing at times, some good leverage though

Christian Carratala MIF: Follow bat, very short and compact swing, slightly open stance, strong at contact, chance to handle velo

Justin Clark 2020 RHP: Big framed RHP w/ a good arm, I have seen him up to 85 already, has all of the makings to be a high end prospect. H3/4 slot, quick & loose arm.

Frederick Davis 2020 3B: One of the best 2020 swings I have seen up to this point, physically gifted young athlete, the ball jumps off his bat, should hit for some serious pop as he matures. Should end up being a good runner as well.

Joel Haskin 2020 RHP/MIF: Listed as primary RHP, but had a good round of BP. Strong young prospect and the ball really jumps, chance to have some pop

Dalton Holland OF: Good looking young swing, potential power guy, good follow

Collin Kayfus 1B/LHP: Love the young Left handed bat, has some rhythm & bat speed that stood out in his impressive rounds of BP, really like the projection. Was good on the mound as well up to 79 from left side

Joe Marshall MIF: Good looking LHH, advanced approach, repeats the swing, chance to hit

Logan McClure OF/3B: Was driving the ball in BP, ability to back spin the baseball, and create some serious leverage from a young prospect.

Clayton Moore C/OF: Big physical young prospect who has a chance to be high level guy. Good bat speed, should have some pop. Presently 2.12 range POP time, good actions.

Logan Schmidt 1B: Excellent bat speed for his age, drives the baseball, loose hands, good path and bat whip through the zone.

Nathaniel Sullivan OF: Chance to have +power, rigid swing now, but a lot of raw bat speed

Trenton Swinford OF: Loose athletic swing, good timing & rhythm from the left side, chance to hit at high level

Max Wichman OF/MIF: Good set of baseball actions across the board, loose, clean bat path, stays in the zone for a long time, good defensive actions in the OF as well

Jarod Wingo MIF/RHP: Advanced baseball actions, knows the game, the swing works, good defensive actins at SS, good hands, will be high end guy. On the mound he was up to 81 with plus arm speed for his age. SL already has good shape at 68 MPH, should end up as a good out pitch. Commanded both IN and OUT in bullpen session, more velo to come.

2021 Prospects:

Deric Fabian MIF/RHP: Upright stance, relaxed, should end up being a high level guy, good actins across the board, young prospect will add strength

Geremy Mattis MIF: Max effort actions across the board, fast twitch type. Ran a 7.01 which is very good for a 2021, raw bat speed at the plate, moves well and has an idea at SS

Kyle Barnowski MIF: Lean framed young prospect, good actions, plenty of arm to stay on the left side, can swing it some, great follow, translates really well in game action.

Dom Scavone RHP/1B/3B: Was up to 82, good feel for CH. Very advanced actions for a 2021 grad. Defensively can handle either corner IF position right now. Bat stays through the zone a long time.





























































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