FTB Instructional Camp: Player Notes

Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Jan 11, 2017

2017 Class:

Abdiel Lopez CF: Intriguing uncommitted 2017 that will be a great late add. Has run in the 6.5 range in the past, was 6.8 at camp. The approach at the plate is very simple, with a small stride, and compact stroke.

Alex Vazquez SS: Moves well at SS, good defensive actions, ran well 6.9.

Brit Crawford 1B/RF: Have gotten to know Brit over the last year or two, and really like his make up! I don't know how he is still uncommitted. Has a good looking swing from the left side, middle of field approach, but has ability to turn on the ball. His game at bats are consistenly good, doesn't get fooled often. I think his bat will translate right away at next level. 1B/Corner outfield best fit likely.

Brock Meier RHP/3B: Solid 3B w/ good actions defensively. Strong build and good launch angle, was on the barrel a lot, some pop. On the mound is a 3 pitch guy who has been up to 88 w/ good ASR and secondary stuff.

Erick Hernandez C: Good path, bat stays in the zone, could end up being a pro guy down the road if it all clicks for him. Great frame for a C prospect. Im shocked he is still uncommitted, will be a great late add for someone!

Lemuel Mora 1B/C: Simple actions, good swing from left side

Luis Rodriguez C: Interesting C prospect w/ present pullside pop & good bat speed.

Luis Torres SS: Fast twitch type actions across the board. Ran well, interesting uncommitted prospect.

2018 Class:

Aiden Frye RHP: Has a chance to throw hard. We saw him up to 89 in the fall at FTB camp. Max effort type delivery from an OTT slot, creates good downhill angle. Some deception in his delivery. Breaking ball at 71.

Alec Sanchez SS: FSU Commit: Interesting prospect, who has a lot of tools. Really gets it going at the dish, a lot of bat speed, violent swing but was on time. Hit a couple balls out of the yard during BP. The ball jumps to all fields.

Alejandro Figueredo 1B: Minimal movement, could add more lower 1/2 in swing, showed well during BP.

Alex Goff RHP: Athletic delivery short quick arm path, up to 84 at camp.

Alex Ortiz SS: Very intriguing prospect! Showed well across the board. Has a very advanced hit tool! Gets on plane repeatedly and his hands really work, very simple approach. It seems like his bat is in the zone forever. Has reportedly run in the 6.5-6.6 range, and can also glove it.

Alfredo Caraballo LHP/1B: Very physical prospect, great frame. FB was in the 83-85 range & SL was 77 from OTT slot. Very loose arm, very projectable on the mound. Also showed well at the plate. Interesting swing, loose hands & strong, the ball really jumped from the left side. Moved well at 1B.

Angel Jimenez-Perez RF: Angel flashed good power potential this weekend at camp. Has somewhat of a long swing, from an upright relaxed stance. The ball sounded different off his bat. Good arm w/ carry from the OF accurate throws.

Bobby Sparling RF/RHP: Big strong kid, actions are not always polished, but in a way this is very refreshing about Bobby. His athleticism shines, and allows him to do some good things. At the plate when he runs into the ball it really goes. As he continues to get more at bats and learn his swing, he could end up doing some special things. On the mound he was up to 86 from OTT slot but has been better in the past. His FB really gets on the hitter, heavy FB.

Bryan Garcia C/1B: Good swing, strong, good hands wrists, good transfer, follow bat.

Bryant Heston RHP: Bryant makes this list b/c he has serous FUNK on the mound! He pitches from a H3/4 slot and has a 72 MPH SL to pair with his 83 MPH FB. At times he was hard to catch during bullpen b/c you simply can’t pick it up out of his hand. Great “change of pace” type arm for a rotation. Does have a loose delivery will make some velo jumps.

Calvin Olavarria RHP/RF: On the bump was up to 85 FB, with 63 CB, 68 CH from ¾ slot. Some sink to his FB, good follow arm. Good swing, strong, good hands wrists, good transfer, follow bat.

Chris Mondesi RF/3B: Chris showed seriuos power potential at camp. Upright stance, good timing, backspins the ball, creates easy lift and carry. The defensive actions were good in the OF and IF. Should end up being very high level prospect

Christopher Vervoordt 1B/RHP: A lot of potential across the board. The swing has gotten better, and since its from the left side adds more intrigue. Has a great frame to work with. On the mound he was up to 84 from an OTT slot, creating serious plane issues for hitters. Very good downhill action to FB. CB will tighten up as he adds arm speed to it and throws it harder. I think he is certainly a prospect that some school is going to benefit from as it all comes together for Christopher.

Dalton Baker RHP: Dalton was very good at camp! Big lanky prospect, loose arm from H3/4 slot. Sat in the 86-89 range w/ FB, solid 76 breaker, and avg 78 CH. Big jumps ahead for Dalton!

Devin Wall SS/RHP: Solid overall package of baseball actions, ran well at camp 6.7.

Dylan Buck 3B: West Virginia Commit: Great leverage, really like the swing, back spins the baseball from slightly spread out stance. Ran well also for a potential middle of the order type bat, 6.9 range.

Eric Linder RHP: Good lower 1/2, loose arm, gets on top of the baseball from low slot, sink, some head movement, should end up being high level prospect. Has some feel, can manipulate the baseball. Sinker/Slider guy already consistently in mid 80 range, was up to 86 at camp has been better.

Ethan Groff SS: Good bat speed, moved well laterally in his defensive portion of workout, quick release, good carry, effortless, bat in zone a long time.

Evan Michelson RHP: Up to 86 w/ FB from OTT slot at camp this past weekend. Clean arm, not a ton of effort in delivery, good downhill action on FB.

Jacob Swinarski SS: Jacob has been to a few of our events, and we really like his ability. He creates good bat speed, is usually on time at the plate, fast twitch. Very quick transfer at SS, ball in and out of glove, good hands, on line throws.

Jacob Young CF: Florida Commit: Very pure actions with minimal effort, simple swing, outstanding path, great at contact, good extension, relaxed upright stance, ran 6.8 at camp

Javier Rivera SS: Good arm from SS, simple approach at plate that he repeats, compact.

Joseph Strong RHP/3B: Strong had one of the best showings at FTB camp in my opinion. He has made huge jumps since we first saw him at the plate and on the mound. On the bump he was up to 86 from OTT slot and it was sneaky, really getting on the hitter. Good finish to his delivery. CB 72-74, and CH 78. At the plate he created a lot of backspin and flashed nice pullside power, good bat speed.

Justin Stewart RHP/1B: Huge prospect! As a RHP Justin was 90-91 consistently from an OTT slot, good feel for a firm CH at 81-2, and present out pitch 77-80 late breaking SL. He also showed very well at the plate this weekend as well. The ball exploded off his bat. He created great leverage, and the bat was in the zone a long time. Some natural lift, doesn't have to over swing.

Kendrick Calilao RF: Kendrick has emerged in my opinion as one of the top hitters in the 2018 class. His swing is a thing of beauty, and he repeats it every time I see him. Has added a lot of strength since last summer, and is driving the ball more. Showed well defensively also, throwing 87 from OF, online & accurate.

Kyle Dentmon C: Air Force Commit: Some lift in his swing, can get a little uphill, very good timing, talented catch and throw guy guy, athletic behind the plate, 1.95 range

Marcos Pujols 3B/1B: FIU Commit: Huge bat speed, advanced hitting approach, good feet and hands. Marcos is a prospect with a huge ceiling! I really think he is going to end up being a premium bat in his class. If he continues to add strength and get after it training, I can't wait to see the end result! Really like this kid's projection.

Mitch Donofrio SS/CF: FAU Commit: Fast twitch, max effort type actions, a lot of bat speed, showed well defensively in both the IF & OF. Chance to be very good utility type player at next level

Nick Noel C/SS: Max effort actions across the board, good bat speed, strong hands

Nick O’Day RF/RHP: TCU Commit: Big time bat speed, really gets it going, max effort, has a chance to hit for a lot of power one day.

PJ Heintz C: Loose, good bat speed the bat stays in the zone a long time, good transfer behind the plate, was consistently in the 2.0 range, accurate throws

Raynel Delgado SS: FIU Commit: Raynel has added a lot of strength and as a result his swing is continuing to improve. The ball is jumping off the bat with minimal effort. Easy actions at SS, good arm.

Sebastian Martinez RHP/SS: Up to 87 from H3/4 slot. Good sink to CH, strong lower ½ to his delivery. Switch hitter, slightly open from both sides, sneaky pop from both sides, good bat speed, good actions defensively, 6.9 60 time at camp

Thomas Berry RHP: Max effort type delivery, will continue to make some jumps, off speed at this point is solid, will get better. 83-85 FB, 73 CB, 75 CH

Trent Jeffcoat SS/2B: Ole Miss Commt: We have seen Trent a lot at our events, and like him as a very solid player. Very good swing that he understands and repeats, leadoff type guy, middle field approach. Defensively he has clean actions, very pure, no wasted effort , good position on backhand, quick release. Have seen him run as well as 6.6 in the past.

Ty Angevine C: Ty has been on our radar since he had a very good showing at the FTB camp in the Fall. Lanky frame, good game player, loose hands & good bat path, really competes in the games. Solid run in the 7.0-7.1 range for a C.

Yeankarlos Lleras RHP/CF: Yeankarlos currently throws hard, but has a chance to throw REALLY HARD in the near future! Very athletic on the mound and has the ability to let it go, and still repeat his delivery. Lived at the chins during his side session at camp, working down in the zone. Sat in the 89-92 range w/ his FB, and flashed a ++78 SL as wipeout pitch. Outstanding def actions in OF, short quick swing that should play right away. Doesn't over swing, easy bat speed. Very nice actions in OF, ran a 6.7 but has been better than that.

2019 Class:

Angelo Garcia RHP: Funky RHP, creates deception in his delivery, leans forward some at balance point and creates timing issues for hitters. FB was up to 83, tight spinning CB was 73, OTT slot.

Anthony Martens SS/RHP: Good action across the board! Feet worked well, quick transfer, anticipates hops at high level. Short compact swing, middle field approach. Was up to 86 on the mound from H3/4 slot. The ball really jumps out of his arm, gets on the hitter. Good run to FB & good CH. Super arm speed.

Ben Gilbert OF/LHP: Ben is going to end up being a very good player in my opinion. Does every thing well due to his athletic ability. Short quick stroke at the dish, barrels it up consistenly, in the OF moves well, accurate throws & quick relesae. Ran a 6.8. On the bump I have seen him up run FB up to 86, was in the 83 range this weekend. Has late life to his FB, works quick, and pounds the zone w/ good mix.

Charles Negron RHP: Charles has a great frame and a really quick arm! He was up to 89 at camp from an OTT slot. Will continue to add command as he is on the mound more. Definite follow arm due to the arm speed and frame.

Christian Pregent C: Christian's bat really stood out to me at FTB camp in the 2019 class. He was able to really gear up and take hacks while maintaining great balance. You don't see this often with young players. Big time hit tool, especially for a C. Was already in the 2.06 range pop time.

Cole Ramirez RF: Loose hands, bat whip through the zone, chance to swing it, follow bat.

Cooper Omans LHP: Cooper makes this list as a craft left who is going to win some ball games! Very good three pitch mix that features a good sweeping SL & good CH for strikes.

Daniel Cantu SS: Physical prospect, a lot of moving parts, but very strong, okay defensively, can get a little rigid at times with his actions, but the Left Handed bat is very intriguing.

Jaiden Salerno SS: Good young swing from the left side, actions will improve as adds strength.

JJ Gonzalez SS: UCF Commit: JJ had a good showing at camp. Long lanky prospect that has a prototypical pro level frame. With his great work ethic, im excited to He is able to create some good levearge in the box from the left side, when hes on time the ball already jumps. Flashes a short compact swing at times. Good def actions, ran 7.0.

Jonnathdael Gonzalez LHP: Very good follow arm. At camp was up to 83 w/ minimal effort from a H3/4 slot and repeated his delivery.

Joshua Emerson RHP: Josh had a lot of sink on his FB which sat in the 81-84 range at camp. With his loose ¾ delivery I think he will make some jumps. Good follow arm.

Josh Gray RF: Big leg lift, power potential from let side. A lot going on but has a chance to have some pop, solid OF actions, gets behind the ball.

Keniel De Leon SS: Good young SS to follow. Good hands & arm

Kevin Martin 1B/RHP: Power potential at the plate from very compact swing that he repeats from a big stong frame. I think he is going to have some seroius pop. Balanced and doesn't have to over swing. Kevin was also impressive on the mound up to 86. Has the pro-typical power pitcher build, and the arm to go with it. Minimal effort type delivery. Already has some feel of 70-71 SL and 71-73 CH.

Mike Sutherland CF: Athletic prospect, good build, broad shouldered, good bat whip, very good follow bat. Ran a 6.9 at camp. I think he has bright future ahead!

Paxton Ellison RHP: Heavy FB, good feel for his CH and worked downhill with clean mechanics and a quiet head. FB already up to 86, and good feel for 74-76 CH.

Riley Greene CF/LHP: Riley is a player that has already been on the radar for years. Every time we see him though its such a pleasure to watch. The actions are effortless on the mound, at the plate, and in the OF. An elite player in the 2019 class. On the mound he has the ability to pitch in the lower 80’s and then bump into the upper 80 range. Minimal effort delivery makes it jump on the hitter. Good late depth and action to both CH and CB.

Robbie Post C: Robbie makes this list due to his Left Handed power bat potential as a C. We all know how hard these guys are to find. His transfer right now is a little long, and his pop time will get better as that's cleaned up.

Sebastian Nunez-Rodriguez C/1B: Looks the part to be a HUGE hitting prospect. Tightly wound, strong type build. Doesn't over swing, but has very good bat speed. The bat is in the zone for a long time, has a beautiful finish to swing. Showed arm strength behind the plate, transfer was inconsistent.

Vaughn Grissom SS: FIU Commit: Vaughn has advanced build and athleticism for his age. His all around package of baseball actions are impressive. Good arm, wiry strength, solid run. Will be a high level prospect

2020 Class:

AJ Shaver CF: Good tools for young prospect! Will be a guy with some serious pop, bat speed is advanced for age. Ran well also 6.9

Bennett Lee C/SS: Good all around package of tools. Swung it well, and flashed 1.96 pop.

Brody Norris RHP: Brody has a good frame, broad shouldered young arm to follow. FB was in the 79 range at camp from ¾ slot w/ heavy ASR. He also flashed a good breaker at 65-68.

Bryan Muniz SS: Middle of the field approach at the plate w/ a swing that he repeats. Bat stays in the zone a while. Defensive actions are clean as well. Very solid prospect.

Connor Morgan SS/RHP: Power potential at the plate, strong prospect, advanced bat speed. On the mound was also up to 84 from a clean H3/4 delivery.

Grayson Moore SS/RHP: Moves well for his age and body type, long lanky, on line throws. Switch hitter who swung it well from both sides of the plate. Good bat speed as LHH and RHH. On the mound he was also up to 84, and showed good feel for CB in the 65 range.

Hunter Andrews 1B: Good bat speed for a freshman, good follow bat.

Jackson Grabsky SS/RHP: Quick twitch good defender, good actions at the plate also, will continue to make jumps as he adds strength.

Jacob Starling SS/RHP: Jacob stood out this weekend in the 2020 class! Great round of IF, + carry and hands. At the dish keeps it really simple, bat in zone a long time.

Javier Davila C/SS: Some raw bat speed, and pop, for a young C prospect. Good follow.

John Curd 1B/LHP: Florida Commit: LHH swing, like it a lot, power guy, good finish, spread out stance

Joseph Ortiz RF/3B: Left handed bat that can really swing it! His bat is in the zone a long time, solid contact over and over. Has been in the OF but actions showed well at SS as well during workout.

Josh Allen CF/LHP: Good OF actions, moves well, gets behind the ball, LHH w/ chance to hit at high level.

Josh Manor RHP/SS: On the mound Josh was 81-82 from L3/4 delivery, along with a 68-69 CB and 72 CH. His arm path is quick and clean and projects to throw hard down the road. Simple left handed swing, bat in zone a long time, and doesn't try and do too much.

Justin Clark RHP: Justin was very impressive at camp! He has a great frame and his FB is already up to 85. The ball jumps out of his hand due to his minimal effort delivery, will be a big time prospect.

Luke Baker LHP: Very loose armed LHP, will make some jumps down the road. L3/4 delivery, creates some serious whip.

McGwire Holbrook C/RHP: Good young bat, should be a future power guy balanced, good finish to swing

Miguel Ortiz CF: Athletic young prospect. Swing is a little bit unorthodox, but the ball really jumps off it, and he has the bat a great spot at point of contact, w/ good bat speed. I think he will turn into a 5 tool type guy down the road.

Ryan McCauley RHP/1B: Good power for a young prospect, good arm

Tyler Dowdy 1B/RHP: Big physical prospect, some bat speed and pullside pop

Zach Arnold CF/RHP: Good young swing, doesn't try to do too much, fast twitch, runs very well, was 6.7 at camp.

2022 Class:

Diamez Ross CF: Had a lot of fun watching Diamez Ross this weekend. 2022 prospect who was just out there having fun. I had to add him to this list just b/c it’s a given that he will be on it moving forward! Left handed swing w/ advanced bat speed for his age!

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