TOPPS Trials Barry: Player Notes

Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Dec 20, 2016

2017 Prospects

Felix Taveras C: Felix is one of the most improved prospects we have had come through our events over the past couple of years. He has continued to make huge strides behind the dish, and his pop time was in the 1.97 range this past weekend. A huge thing that Felix has in his favor is that he swings it from the left side, which is a luxury for catchers. He has a quiet leg lift, that he repeats and matches that up with a good bat path. His bat speed has continually improved, and the ball is jumping as a result.

Jose Guerra IF: Jose makes this list due to his hit tool. He had a good path through the zone, and looks the part to have a chance to hit to some degree at the next level.

2018 Prospects

Jordan Alvarez OF: Athletic prospect with good all around set of actions. Fast twitch type of athlete, ran a 6.87 60 yard dash. Short compact swing, with a repeatable path, middle of the field approach. Moves well in the OF, 85 MPH throwing velo that was accurate to bases with a quick release.

Dane Dorsainvil OF/3B: Dane really impressed at TOPPS Trials! His baseball actions are with minimal effort and should translate to some big jumps ahead. I graded him out well at both 3B and in the OF, and think he may have high value moving forward as a UTIL guy who’s bat will play in the lineup. Feet work well laterally, and was 88 throwing from the OF. At the dish has a very loose swing, creates good leverage and bat whip through the zone. As bat speed continues to improve could be a high end prospect.

Kris Soto 3B/1B: Kris is a very physical prospect who flashed big time bat speed. Although the swing was a little rigid, when he was on time the ball really jumped. At times he created good backspin. Ran decent for a corner IF as well with a 7.16 60 time.

Kian Anderson 1B: Kian has made huge jumps since we saw him last at our UNSIGNED Vero Beach Showcase last summer. Kian immediately stands out due to his outstanding frame for a 1B at 6’5” 250 lbs. He moves well around the bag at 1B, and the arm works well. He made this list due to the show he put on during BP though! Kian was absolutely driving balls to the pull side with easily above avg bat speed. He has a chance to be a no doubt middle of the order bat at the collegiate level if he can repeat his swing.

Jason Thomas OF: Jason was very impressive this weekend at TOPPS Trials! Jason ran a 6.73 60 yard dash, and showed well in the OF defensively. His arm showed at 86 MPH and was accurate to the bags. At the dish Jason probably had the best bat speed of the event. He has the ability to back spin the ball and it really jumps as a result. Middle of the field approach, should end up having some pull side power as he matures.

2019 Prospects

Raheem Salmon OF: Raheem is a prospect who we have been following since he was a freshman. We think that he will end up as a high level prospect due to his off the charts athleticism. Raheem routinely runs in the 6.6 – 6.65 range and there are reports of him running as well as a 6.5 recently. His easy stride translates into the OF where he covers a ton of ground. His arm strength is still developing but has quick release and accurate throws. At the dish his swing is also continuing to add polish, but he has the foundation of a compact path, that stays in the zone for a long time. Very excited for his future.

Christian Muniz UTIL: Christian is a very interesting follow. He shows solid baseball actions across the board from a variety of positions. He certainly passes the “eye test” with his 6’4” 185 LB frame. We expect his actions to become more fast -twitch as he adds strength. Already creates good leverage at the plate, solid bat path.

Christian Bernabe IF: Showed well this weekend during both IF and his BP portion of the workout. At the dish he let the ball get deep & used the entire field. Showed the ability to create some lift and drive the ball to the pull-side. Good feet at 3B & hands worked well.

Tyler Epstein SS: Tyler makes this list because he can flat out pick it at SS! He has a chance to be special out there. Has a great knack of reading the ball off the bat and being right place, right time. The glove tool is special. At the plate he has a simple swing, which will get a lot better as he adds strength and matures.

Alexander Aguila SS: “Sparkplug” type of player with tons of energy! Really like him as a potential impact leadoff, table setter type bat. Ran a 7.0, but we expect this number to improve quickly due to Alexanders athleticism. His swing worked well from both sides of the plate, and he sprayed the ball all over the field. He was really special at SS during the defensive portion of showcase. Made one particular play on a double play ball coming across the bag flashing a very quick release & outstanding feet. High end SS prospect.

2020 Prospects

Roberto Moya C: Moya is a young C that continues to make strides as we see him at different events. At times I forget he is only a 2020 as he shows an advanced approach and set up in the box. Has the ability to “gear up” on FB and drive them. We have seen him in the 1.9 range throwing to 2B. He is still a little stiff at times receiving, but this will continue to improve as he matures and gets more innings back there.

Clayton Moore C: Clayton is a very interesting young prospect that we look forward to following. He is a big physical kid that already has an idea in the box. If he can continue to add some bat speed, and clean up the lower half of his swing, he should make some big jumps. The ball already jumps off his bat nice.

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