Elite Squad Prospect Camp: Player Notes

Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Nov 03, 2016

2017 Prospects

James Filterman MIF/OF: Interesting uncommitted 2017 prospect. Fast twitch actions, swing has a chance to translate at the next level, due to athleticism. Moves well, has solid hands, avg arm str. 6.88 60 yard dash.

Ramon Ripoll OF: Ramon could end up being a huge “Diamond in the Rough” for some lucky college program. He has a “wow” type body that shouts projection. At the plate he has a lot of moving parts, big leg lift, but creates serious separation. He ran into one ball that still hasn’t landed in his 1st round of BP. Moves well in the OF, gets behind the baseball, needs to clean up arm action to add carry on his throws.

Bryan Diaz OF: Showcased well at Prospect Camp, above avg all around set of tools. Threw 87 from the OF, ran 7.05, and moved well in the OF. At the plate was a little bit long at times, but good swing foundation.

Ryan Langford RHP: Ryan was a very pleasant surprise at camp. Good, athletic build, repeated his delivery from a H3/4 slot. Had a short quick arm path, paired with a good lower ½. Body works well together throughout this delivery. FB was up to 87-89 and he was able to get some good downhill action on it. CB was 72-73, and CH 77-78 w/ good fade.

2018 Prospects

Jason Thomas OF: Very athletic all around prospect. Showed well in his round of BP. Moved very well in the OF w/ solid actions, displaying 85 mph arm. Highlight of his weekend was running a very impressive 6.6 in his 60 yard dash.

Daniel Irisarri SS/OF: Prospect w/ sneaky athleticism. Ran well w/ 6.8 time in 60, at the plate got into a good hitting position, ball came off his bat nicely, loose hands, bat whip. In my eyes showcased very well in the OF & may benefit from moving out there permanently. Good follow.

Ty Crittenberger OF: Very fast twitch prospect who impressed by running a 6.4 at camp, and displayed great actions in the OF, and avg arm at 85 mph but was accurate to the bases. I liked the swing, although it certainly can be cleaned up, he has a lot of present bat speed. Can at times get a little “top heavy” or “armsy” and not get legs involved enough with his swing. He certainly has some pop, and the potential to be a DUDE.

Brendan Bell RHP: Good late breaking SL that will be a true out pitch for him, good feel for CH. Sneaky FB from H3/4 slot that was up to 87 from a clean delivery. I think he will be 90+ guy in the near future.

Eric Bonkowski OF: Solid overall prospect. Good defensive actions, paired with solid run time of 6.94, and 85 MPH from the OF. At the dish had a solid swing, used a middle of the field approach, above avg bat speed.

Andy Fonseca OF: Andy makes this list due to his ability to generate some power at the dish. Well put together prospect, strong hands, good overall strength. 7.15 runner.

Nico Montes SS: I liked what I saw from Nico at camp! Chance to be an impact guy at the next level based on overall package of tools. At the dish he had a very relaxed set up from the left side, sprays the ball all over the yard w/ minimal effort. Defensively he was very good at reading ball off the bat & getting body into good fielding position. Hands were good and although he ran a 7.14, it played better than that at SS.

AJ Orrico SS: Another LHH MIF who looked the part last weekend. Has a smooth swing, good bat speed, and ball seems to really jump off his bat. Some present strength to his frame, and will only get better as he matures. Ran a 6.87 60 time.

Andres Antonini SS: Andres has made huge jumps since we saw him last time. He really looked like a DUDE at camp. Has sneaky athleticism, allowing him to run a 6.91 & really look the part at SS. Has a chance to be a pretty physical SS, and middle of the order type bat at next level. Love his set up and approach in the box, good bat speed.

Roberto Pena 3B: Roberto has been to a handful of our events so we have seen him a good bit. Really like him as a high caliber prospect moving forward. At the dish he has good pop, but doesn’t have to over swing and lose balance to generate it. Natural lift on the ball, at times creating good back spin and carry. At 3B possesses a good arm and is normally 87+ range across the diamond. Also showcased the ability to run it up to 90 MPH on the mound with w/ a 77 MPH SL.

Chase Costello SS/RHP: Chase is an interesting prospect who has a lot of upside. I think that his best days ahead are going to be on the bump. In his side session he was 85-88 from a H3/4 slot from a short quick arm action that he can repeat. He has an outstanding frame, and with his good finish does create some downhill life on the ball. The CB was good at 70-75 and also featured a CH at 77-80. He ran a 6.79 & flashes some bat speed at the plate, actions at SS are a bit crude.

Ryan Moore RHP: Although Ryan wasn’t throwing 90+ this past weekend at camp, there’s a good chance that he will be in the near future. He has an outstanding frame & featured a very heavy FB that really jumped on the hitter. He was 84-86 from a ¾ slot & featured a 71-72 CB, and 75 CH.

Alexandro Bello MIF: Bello had a good showing at camp. He has an impact leadoff hitter type frame, very scrappy, but at the same time has sneaky pop. His actions as a whole are very fast twitch. At the dish he had a compact swing that he repeated and barreled up the baseball consistently. Defensively does a great job of getting the ball in and out of his glove in a hurry. Uses his momentum & athleticism in a great way at SS.

Jordan Alvarez OF: Jordan had a solid showing during his pro style workout session of camp this past weekend, makes this list due to his big time run tool, clocking in at a 6.5 60 yard dash time.

Cristian Sosa SS: Cristian had a lot of moving parts during his BP round, a lot of moving parts. When he was on time, it translated well, packaged with plus bat speed. He was very good defensively and was 87 across the IF. Seemed to be playing at a faster speed than a lot of the other prospects. Quick twitch actions.

Michael Marin 2B: Really liked Michaels hit tool at camp. Showed a repeatable swing that was in the hitting zone for a long time.

Nicholas Leal C: Interesting prospect due to his size & upside. Showed above avg hit and power tools, and the ability to catch and throw as well. Pop time was consistently in the 2.0 range. The upside of having a catcher who can potentially hit at high level is intriguing.

Chris Bohrer 3B/1B: Chris makes this list due to his ability to potentially hit for a lot of power. Max effort type swing and approach in the box. When he runs into it, it jumps, especially to the pull side. Needs to clean things up defensively, seems to be athletic enough to move to corner OF if needed to get bat in lineup at next level.

Kenneth Gonzalez 1B: Loved his swing, was always on time & consistently drove the baseball. His hands were very good.

Jarrett Hall 2018 OF: Interesting prospect based on his size and raw athleticism. Swing and defensive actions are not polished, but do show signs of things to come. Ran a 6.7, very good follow.

Julio Cortez 2018 C: Swung the bat well at camp, chance to be good all around C prospect. Leg lift and slight hand cock to create good bat speed at point of contact. Good natural lift.

BJ Murray 2018: We have seen BJ a lot over the years, and the minimal effort that he is able to produce high level baseball actions is impressive. His swing works well from both sides of the plate, and defensively he has outstanding knack for being in good position. Having the ability to make throws from all arm angles is a huge plus for him as well.

Kyle Petri LHP: Kyle featured a FB in the 81-84 range from L3/4 slot. Good fade on CH that was 72 mph, and an avg SL that was 72-74. Body and arm look the part. Looking forward to seeing him when he cleans up delivery. At this point he is predominantly throwing with all arm. Short strider with his landing and is opening up lower 1/2 early. Very bright future ahead for him.

Christian Lopez LHP/OF: Christian had a great weekend showing well as a two way prospect. His swing really worked well from a spread out stance from the left side. Good hand load, strong wrists, good bat speed and lift. The bat also played well in the game. On the mound was 83-85 from OTT slot. FB has some natural cut to it & good feel for straight CH at 75-76.

Alfie Soto SS: Alfie ran a 6.62 this week at camp, and showed an athletic swing at the plate to match.

Connor Brian RHP: Good uncommitted arm that was 84-88 at camp from H3/4 slot, 66 CB, 74 CH. Will be a good add for some college program.

2019 Prospects

Ryan Cabarcas LHP/OF: On the mound has short quick, arm path, athletic delivery, good finish to his pitches, lower 1/2 works really well. outstanding life to FB up to 85, good tilt to 71-73 SLV. Good athleticism swing was solid and ran 6.84.

Matthew Corpas 2B: I think that Matthew is REALLY going to hit at a high level. Has a great ability to repeat a smooth, compact swing with great hands, and sneaky pop in his bat. Leadoff type hitter with occasional gap to gap power. Showed very well at 2B defensively, love his energy & “motor.”

Drew Beno 2B/3B: Made huge strides since we saw him last year at camp. His swing has some good whip to it & he creates good leverage. Bat speed will continue to get better as he adds strength.

Xavier Moronta OF/LHP: At the plate, Xavier has a very repeatable swing w/ minimal effort & the ball comes off his bat with good natural loft. Should start driving the ball out of the yard as he adds strength. Quiet leg load that allows him to maintain balance. On the mound was up to 84 from OTT slot.

Zachary Neto SS: Zachary makes this list due to his defensive tool, really liked him at SS. Swung it well to be considered as a potential high impact SS.

Ryan Keenan OF: All around very good baseball player, throws from OF were on line and right on the bag, moves well, repeats all actions. At the dish has very good hand path, consistently barrels it up, will add pop.

Raheem Salmon OF: Raheem was very impressive running a 6.44 60 at camp this weekend. I knew he could run, but was very impressed by this elite level time. At the plate he has present bat speed & short compact stroke. Simply needs to get more at bats and refine his swing due to missing some time last year due to injury. Should end up as high level prospect.

Taylor Clapp SS: Ran 6.96 at camp, and showcased well defensively. Avg arm strength but had quick release. Strong with some bat speed, and drove the ball to the pull side. 

Isaiah Hood OF/LHP: Isaiah was one of my favorite prospects at the camp due to the tremendous ceiling. The baseball actions just jump off the charts for him. On the mound he was up to 84 from a prototypical ¾ slot w/ minimal effort. I feel very comfortable saying that he has tremendous velocity gains in his future. Mechanics and delivery are repeatable. He also ran a 6.91 and swings it well from the left side. As he adds strength he will be special there as well. Interesting to see if he ends up as a pitcher or position player.

Christian Muniz 3B/1B/RHP: Very interesting prospect due to his suprising athleticism.  Tall frame with some present strength, and will only fill out more as he matures. Ran a 6.94, and swung it well, some pull side power. Glove was okay, feet worked well at 3B. On the mound was up to 83, but there is clearly much more in the tank moving forward.

Nick Vera C: Nick was good behind the dish with a 1.99 pop, which is well above avg for a 2019 grad. Had a solid round of BP. 

Dylan Goldstein 1B: Dylan makes this list becase of his ability to hit, and potentially hit for a lot of power from the left side. He was on time for every swing that he took during BP & his swing translates to the games. Above avg bat speed for his age, seems to understand his swing & be able to make in game adjustments.

Ethan Kramer RHP: Ethan possesses a good overall package of pitches from a H3/4 slot. FB was up to 84, SL has late break in the 70-73 range. Good finish to his delivery, chance to throw much harder in future.

Mykanthony Valdez 3B: Physical prospect w/ surprising athleticism, demonstrating this running a 6.91. At the plate he showed good balance, and strong hands/wrists. Good pull side power.

TK Knierim OF: Great frame, very good athlete. Ran a 6.63 this weekend at camp. Minimal effort in swing, good balance & set up.

Cosi Scinta RHP: Big bodied RHP w/ the proto-typical power arm frame. FB was up to 88 from an OTT slot that generated good arm side run, good shape on 69-71 CB, and firm straight CH in the 81-82 range. Good feel for his delivery for a young arm, was around the zone w/ solid command.

JM Fay 2B: JM really swung it during his round of BP this weekend, undersized but makes up for it with great balance in the box. He has sneaky ability to generate a little pull side pop. Defenseively he needs to improve lateral movement and first step. Very good follow.

Connor O’Hara C: Good framed young C that showed a 1.94 POP time at camp, was solid in his round of BP. Good follow for a young C prospect.

Emmanuel Arias 3B: Lean build, good idea of what he is doing at the plate; I think he will really hit. Emmanuel moves very well in the OF, due in part to his 6.94 60 time. Gets behind the baseball, quick release with on line throws.

Gabriel Dezendegui SS: Think that he has a chance to hit, simple bat speed. High baseblal IQ, to go along with polished defensive actions. Showed good athleticism running 6.96 with a thick strong frame. 

Michael Laguardia 3B: Sneaky bat speed and pull side pop for a small frame. I think he has a chance to really hit. Defensively, quick release and he has plenty of arm strength to remain at 3B. 6.75 runner.

Gianni Tusa OF: Good idea of what he is doing at the dish for a young bat. Uses repeatable leg kick to generate some good bat speed. Good follow bat.

Alex Morejon 1B: Good frame, strong especially for age. Good bat from the left side. Follow bat.

2020 Prospects

Enrique Bradfield OF: Has ++athleticism that blew me away at camp. Ran a 6.69 & there is no doubt in my mind this time will continue to improve. He looked like a AA level OF moving around in the OF, it was very impressive. His hands really work at the plate & he showed the ability to drive the ball hard to the backside. Having the baseball skill to go along with his athleticism make him no doubt BIG TIME prospect.

Jordan Carrion SS: Jordan is a legit 2 way prospect & special at both positions. He ran a 6.7 at camp, and his foot speed converts well to SS. He gets to all the balls and then some, and is always in a good fielding position. Outstanding body control & is already 86 across the diamond. Consistently in a good position to hit, has plus bat speed and it translates to the game. On the mound possesses a plus 68-69 CB & usable 72-73 CH, to go along with 85-87 FB from H3/4 slot.

Christian Eiroa C: Young catcher who is already getting the ball to 2B w/ a pop time of 2.01. At the dish he hits the ball out in front, and is a little writsy at times, has a lot of potential though. Good hands & very physical.

Roberto Moya C: Moya has all of the makings of a big time catching prospect moving forward. He was in the 1.95 range & consistently around the bag. One thing I love about him is his motor never steps. He has good personality to handle pitchers and is always working to make a play. Knows hows to gear up and create some lift at the plate, should end up being a good power threat in the middle of the order.

Jamar Fairweather RHP: Effortless delivery, good finish, big time arm, good feel for 3 pitch mix. Good 69-70 CB, 75 CH, and FB up to 86. Big time arm in 2020 class. Big strong body already, once he matures and adds strength, and hand speed increases it will be special.

Joel Perez SS: Love the swing from this young SS. Athletic, good rhythm & timing and great hands. Gets into a good position when fielding the ball.

Bryant Colon CF: A lot of bat speed, short compact stroke, good actions in the OF, gets behind the ball accurate throws, good carry. Good follow.

Timmy Manning LHP/CF: At the dish he sits on back leg & creates great load, very strong hands, easy & loose swing. Unreal stuff on the mound! Huge projection, FB sat in the 82-84 range and was up to 87 with natural cut to it. He has 3/4 slot with minimal effort. Stays through the baseball, late bite and depth to CB make it a pitch that is already plus w/ depth.

Alex Reico 1B: Reico makes this list strictly due to his huge power tool. At times he looks like a senior in high school. Big time pull side pop already. If he can consistently barrel it up in games, hes going to do serious damage in the middle of the order.

Albert Sanchez 3B: Good all around player, showcased well from both the IF/OF. Arm will play at either position. Produces good accurate throws. Swung it well also, gamer.

Juhlien Gonzalez SS: I think Juhlien is really going to hit at a high level. He already looks the part in the box with a polished swing that is also athletic. Barrels it up in the game, good baseball IQ. 

Angel Mediavilla LHP: Angel was lights out in his outing at camp. Pounded the zone at 81-82 with repeatable delivery from ¾ loose slot, CB was 68-70, and CH at 74-76. Has all of the makings of being a guy down the road.

2021 Prospects

Justin Quintana OF: One of the younger prospects at camp, Justin displayed good athleticism running a 6.94 and flashing very good bat speed at the plate. Swing has some things to clean up, but is a definite future prospect.

Sean Ambrose SS: Outstanding young swing, gets on plane, good leverage, good rhythm. Very good defender, good lateral movement and shows ability to get the ball in and out of glove.



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