TOPPS Jupiter: Player Notes

Posted by Jeremy Plexico on Oct 22, 2016

2017 Prospects

Angel Gonzalez OF: Athletic OF who moves well, showed good Def actions & avg arm throwing 87 mph . Ran a 6.84 60 yard dash, flashed some bat speed and a simple repeatable swing.

Jisjar Clotida OF: Very interesting follow in my opinion. Wiry framed athlete who moves very well and his best baseball days are ahead of him. Has a chance to make huge strides as he matures and adds strength. Has consistently ran in the 6.8 range at our events & thrown 89-91 from the OF. At the dish he has athletic set up and good path.

Seth Cannady OF: Thought Seth showed very well at TOPPS Jupiter. Well put together athlete with present strength. Has plus bat speed and strong one handed finish. At times he backspins the ball and it really jumps. Avg runner now, but will continue to make strides there and should easily end up in the sub 7.0 range.

Jacob Stanley OF/LHP: Prospect who has made huge jumps since we saw him last. Pro projection right away based on the clean actions, frame, and the fact that he is L/L. At the plate the bat speed is above avg, but he already creates big time leverage & the ball jumps. Could be special as bat speed improves. Loose arm on the bump as well.

David Vazquez SS: David has turned himself into an elite level national prospect w/ an all around package of tools that’s special. David ran a 6.97, and was 91 from SS. He moves very well for a tall SS, and makes all the plays, short quick arm action. At the plate he creates serious bat speed w/ simple load, has present pull side power.

Joab Gonzalez SS: Joab was advertised as on of the better SS’s in Puerto Rico & he did not disappoint. He ran a 6.77, was 89 across the IF, and had very good transfer getting ball in and out of glove. Fast twitch, wiry athlete that will continue to get better. Showed high end baseball IQ, bright future ahead.

Jose Varela SS/3B: One of the elite 2017 Uncommitted prospects around. Jose has a larger frame for a SS, but moves well laterally, has soft hands, and plenty of arm consistently throwing in the 90-91 range across the diamond. We will see if he stays at SS, or slides over to 3B at the next level. Could end up being a middle of the order bat if he continues to add power to his present pull side pop.

Houston Wright 1B: Prospect that has kind of come out of no where in the last year or so. His chance to be an impact power bat from the left side is un-deniable. Serious natural lift and leverage in his swing. Quiet leg lift, and great rhythm allow him to really hit at a high level.

James Marinan 1B/RHP: James is a legit two way prospect who we have been following throughout his high school career. At this point in time its hard to figure out where he will end up due to his ability to drive the ball out of the yard. Tremendous power tool at the plate, and has an idea, good approach. On the mound he has an OTT slot and runs FB into the low 90s with good downhill tilt. Usable CB & CH give him a solid three pitch mix.

Jorge Ramirez C: I expect Jorge to really hit at a high level right away at the next level. Should settle into the middle of the order very quickly. Generates good lift and power from compact swing, has ability to gear up & sit on FB in FB counts. Outstanding personality, perfect to handle a variety of pitchers. Work ethic allows him to continue to get better and better!

Luis Aviles C: Luis flashed a solid foundation for a swing & some power potential during his round of BP. Where he really stood out was behind the plate flashing a consistent sub 1.9 pop time, his best being 1.82.

Mason Doolittle C: Mason is a prospect we have followed over the years and we have seen him do some special things on the field. He has a pro body right now, and has tremendous arm and power tool. Behind the plate he was consistently in the 1.81 -1.82 range the other night. Transfer is clean and he repeated it. At times swing can get rigid at the plate, but the bat speed can be special.

Santis Sanchez C: Santis is known for his ++ catch and throw tool, and did no t disappoint at TOPPS. He was throwing absolute lasers down to 2B at 85 mph & had a 1.9 pop time to go with it. At the plate he flashed a big time hit tool. Leg lift was on time & really let it go in his second round driving the ball around the park. Big time prospect.

Alexander Almonte OF: Fast twitch prospect that showed well across the board. 6.96 runner, w/ very projectable swing as he adds strength. “Buggy whip” type pop, the ball comes off his bat nice. Moves well in the OF good actions def.

Eli Rawlinson OF: Eli was somewhat of a “sleeping giant” until recently and has burst on the scene in a great way. Very well put together frame, moves well w/ a 60 time in the 7.0 range. At the plate he is very balanced, strong, & has loose swing.

AJ Gardner OF: All I can say about what I saw out of AJ at TOPPS Jupiter is WOW! He put on an absolute display of tools, and it was fun to watch. Glided to a 6.65 60 time, and matched that with an OF velo of 96 MPH w/ plus carry & accuracy. Athleticism was on display at the plate as well as the ball exploded off his bat. Very high end national level prospect.

Joshua Crouch 3B/OF: Josh has made huge strides, and has been consistently climbing up our boards. Defensive actions at 3B & the OF are both solid and has above avg arm from both. At the plate has max effort type swing, but bat speed is plus and he manages to stay on time. Bright future ahead.

Matt Golda SS: I haven’t seen many SSs that have the glove skills that Matt does around the bag. He can flip the ball in a variety of ways to make spectacular plays, and can throw from all of the angles. Plenty of carry on his throws & gets rid of the ball in a good fashion. Love his footwork and overall defensive package. He has ran as well as a 6.65. At the plate he doesn’t get too big, compact swing w/ nice bat speed.

Christopher De Guzman SS: Christopher makes this list on his defensive skills alone. Flashed very good feet and plus hands. Avg runner for a premium level SS, 7.1 but will improve as he adds strength.

Bubba Sangster 1B: Bubba is one of the premier power bats in the 2017 class. Huge bat speed & when he gets it going he can really hit the ball out of any yard in the country.

Michael Rothenberg C: Very high end catch and throw guy. Great frame that allows you to see pro level projection. Consistently throws in the 1.91 range we have seen him as good as 1.81. Arm is plus in the 82-84 MPH range from C position. Switch hitter who has strong hands and shows ability to pull the ball from both sides of the plate.

2018 Prospects

Isaiah Thomas OF: Isaiah has turned into a no doubt prospect after steadily cleaning up his swing that already showed plus bat speed & athleticism. It was only a matter of time before he put it together and started to really drive the ball like he did at TOPPS. Hands are strong at point of contact. Consistently runs in the 6.7 range and has been as good as a 6.6. Moves well in the OF, and is already in the 91 MPH range on his throws.

Kobe McPike OF: Very interesting OF, that we think has pro upside. Short compact swing, good finish, pull side power is present. Was very good in the OF as well, moving well to all balls. 6.75 runner, very solid prospect.

BJ Murray 3B: Love the overall baseball actions that BJ has. The swing really works well from both sides of the plate. There are some things he can clean up to get the lower half more involved in the swing, but he has a good path and a knack for barreling it up consistently. Defensively has great feel and does great job of getting feet in good position. Can throw from all slots. Excels at slow roller play.

Marcos Pujols 3B/1B: Pujols is an interesting prospect to follow due to his power & hit tool. He is able to generate big bat speed while maintaining balance. Short to the ball, very clean finish that he repeats. Needs to continue to add foot-speed but moves surprisingly well to balls at 3B & has very good hands.

Kris Armstrong SS/RHP: Armstrong has already been in the national spotlight for a couple years due to his outstanding baseball pedigree. We have seen him many times & he has yet to disappoint. What amazes me about Kris is his “baseball motor.” I think this separates him from other national level prospects that are out there. At SS he has enough lateral movement to make all the plays, and the glove works. He has pop in his bat from both sides of the plate. When he is on, he has a middle of the field approach & the ball jumps. On the mound he has been into the 94 range & has feel for 4 pitches. Good command of both 2 seam & 4 seam FB to both sides of the plate.

Jonathan Alonso 1B: Has jumped on the scene in a large way over the last year. High end uncommitted 2018 prospect who’s bat should play right away at the next level. Beautiful swing mechanics & nice approach allow him to excel. Advanced def actions around the bag at 1B. Good enough athlete to move to the OF.

Michael Burrows RHP: Burrows was very impressive in his outing, featuring a FB in the 88-92 range from an OTT slot w/ minimal effort. More impressive was the command that Burrows showed, living down at the bottom of the strike zone. His mechanics were clean & the ball seemed to really jump on the hitter, good CB as well at 72.

Zach Goberville 3B: Zach is very interesting prospect due to his ceiling. He has a great frame, and should add strength to already present high level baseball actions. He moves well at 3B for a tall prospect, has a good arm across the diamond in the 89 mph range, and runs a sneaky 7.14 60. At the plate he has good bat speed from the left side, and should end up a middle of the order bat.

Kaeber Rog SS: Kaeber has outstanding baseball actions & frankly makes it look easy at SS. Reads hops early off the bat and is always in the right spot. Excellent around the bag, feet work well. Will follow to see if he can trim some time off of his 60 yard dash. All signs point to yes due to his high athleticism. At the plate he hits from a crouched stance in a rhythmic approach from both sides of the plate.

Kevin Vargas SS: At the plate Vargas has a simple approach & tries to stay through the middle of the field. Will add some pop as he matures. At SS, he is one of the best in the 2018 class! He anticipates where the ball will be, moves very well on his feet, and has ++ hands. Quick release on throws, w/ ability to throw 91 across the diamond. Tremendous defender.

Anthony Herron 1B/OF: Herron makes this list due to his big time power potential. Although he didn’t get on a roll & put on a display at TOPPS, his power is undeniable. Has some movement in his load that he will continue to clean up. When he get the barrel to the ball it explodes. Moves well for a big man, ran a 7.15.

Nate Housen C: Nate makes this list simply on his hit/power tool! Behind the plate he is continuing to get better and better. Arm strength is good enough, pop time is consistently in the 2.05-2.1 range. No doubt middle of the order bat w/ the potential to have light tower power.

Krishna Raj RHP: Pounded the strike zone at TOPPS w/ 88-89 FB and some life on it. Also featured a 69-71 MPH CB w/ decent shape. At times Raj “gets under the baseball” and it stays flat. If he can clean up the arm action a little more, could make a big jump. Good frame, outstanding idea of what he is trying to do on the mound to attack hitters.

Yanick Rodriguez SS: Yanick showed very well at TOPPS. Surprising pop from a wiry frame, was on time & showed ability to drive the baseball some to the pull-side. Very good actions defensively, avg arm strength but accurate throws & quick release.

INTL Prospects

Patricio Diaz OF: Interesting prospect due to his overall tool set, & athletic actions. Ran 6.77 60 & showed easy pop at the plate generated from strong lower ½ and loose hands.

David Tavaraz OF: Tavaraz makes this list due to his ability to throw the ball 97 MPH from the OF. Would love to see him jump on the mound and see what happens!

Ezequiel Duran SS: Duran is a premium level defender, was outstanding at SS. Tremendous ability to get ball in and out of glove. Very good laterally, 87 mph across the diamond. ++ Defender over all!

Matthew Peguero RHP: Really love the upside for this young arm. Peguero has advanced level feel and pitchability for a young arm. Usable 4 pitch mix, with the ability to throw FB to both sides of the plate. Sits in the 89-91 range from H3/4 slot, and will no doubt be making jumps in the near future. CB has good 12/6 action at 74 & the SL is in the 77 range.

Julio Jimenez RHP: Jimenez makes this list based on his electric arm speed. He is a medium sized RHP, but the ball explodes out of his hand consistently in the 89-91 range. Recently he has been up to 94, and I see no reason why he stops there. I feel comfortable predicting he will be a 95 + arm based on what I have seen. SL is just okay at 76-77.

Luis Hodge OF: Hodge put on a show at TOPPS w/ a nice set of tools. He really tries to get it going in the box w/ a big leg lift, and may create some timing issues for him. Has some pull side pop & good intent to drive the baseball and do damage. Great actions in the OF and has one of the more impressive arms I’ve ever seen, throwing 97 on a straight line.

Carlos De Los Santos RHP: We have been following the progress of De Los Santos now for close to a year, and he continues to improve. He has an undoubtedly clean arm that really works well from an OTT slot. FB sat in the 86-88 range, w/ good downhill life at times. Flashed a plus CB at 70. As he learns to repeat his mechanics he will be in the 90 range w/ ease.

Robinson Taveras RHP: Taveras was one of my favorite arms of the night due to how sneaky his FB was. He has a great frame, in the 6’5 range and throws from an OTT slot. Looks as though he is just playing catch & the ball was really getting on the batter in the 90-91 range. Sky is the limit for him if he can repeat delivery.

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