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2018 Black Bear Classic

Event Date: Jun 20th - Jun 24 2018
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4G3 Training Facility 17U
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
5 Star Vipers
Akadema Yard Dogs 16U
Akadema Yard Dogs 18U
Asheville Braves 16U
Athletes Lab 15U
Big Stix Gamers
Big Stix Gamers
Bodyshop Baseball 2019
Bodyshop Baseball 2020
Canes South 17U
Carolina A's 16U
Carolina Cougars 18U
Carolina Reds 2019
Carolina Stars 16U
CBC 16U Scout Team
CBC 17U Scout Team
CBC Baseball Club 2021
Chandler World 16U
Chandler World 17U
Charlotte Megastars 2019
Charlotte Megastars 2020
Cincinnati Riverbats 17U McCourt
Coastal Prospects
Coastal Prospects
Cougars Baseball 15U
Cougars Baseball 17U
Dayton Classics 17U
Diamond Elite Aces 16U
Diamond Elite Aces 18U
Dry Pond Blue Sox 16U
Dry Pond Blue Sox 17U
DSA Bulldogs 15U
DSA Bulldogs 16U
Duluth Noles 16U
East Coast Bombers 15U
East Coast Bombers 16U
East Coast Clippers 16U
East Coast Clippers 18U
East Cobb Patriots 16U
East Cobb Patriots 17U Blue
East Cobb Patriots 17U Red
East Tennessee Crusaders 16U
Elite Baseball Academy 18U
Elite Squad North 15U
Elite Squad North 16U
Elite Squad North 17U
Evolution Baseball Showcase 18U
Florida Baseball Academy 16U
Florida Baseball Academy 17U
Florida Elite Baseball 
FTB Rockets
FTB Tucci Mid Atlantic 16U
FTB Tucci Mid Atlantic 17U
FTB Tucci Mid Atlantic 17U Darnell
FTB Tucci Northeast 2021
GBG Copperheads 15U
GBG Copperheads 16U
GBG Copperheads 17U
Heat Baseball 2019
Heat Baseball 2020
Heat Baseball 2021 Red
Hithouse Hitmen 18U
Home Plate Chili Dogs
Home Plate Chili Dogs
Home Plate Chili Dogs
Home Plate Chili Dogs
Home Plate Chili Dogs
HQ4 Clippers 17U
Keowee Cougars
Loco Baseball Academy 16U
Loco Baseball Academy 16U
Loco Baseball Academy 17U
Loco Baseball Academy 18U
Lowcountry Reds
Michigan Bluejays
Midwest Rangers 17U
Minnesota Blizzard 18U
NCBA Golden Spikes 2019
NCBA Golden Spikes 2020
NE Ruffnecks 2020s
NE Ruffnecks 2021s
Nelson Baseball School 16U Blue
Nelson Baseball School 16U Red
New Jersey Rangers
Next Level A's
Next Level Fire
Next Level Smoke
North Florida Storm Black
North Florida Storm Black 
North Florida Storm Red
North Florida Storm Red
North Florida Storm Silver
North Florida Storm White
North Florida Storm White
NY Knights Baseball
Ostinger Baseball Academy 2019
Pipeline Baseball
Pony Express Baseball 16U
Pony Express Baseball 17U
Power Baseball 2019
Power Baseball 2019
Power Baseball 2019
Premier Baseball Academy
Pride Baseball
Purpose Driven Baseball 18U
Rawlings Prospects NC 2019
Rawlings Prospects NC 2019 Black
Rawlings Prospects NC 2020
Rawlings Prospects NC 2021
Rawlings Southeast 16U American
Rawlings Southeast 16U National
Rawlings Southeast 18U American
Rawlings Southeast 18U National
Rawlings Southeast Cross Hit
Rawlings Southeast Cross Hit
RBI Tri Cities Red 16U
Revs Baseball 15U
Richmond Braves 16U
Richmond Braves 17U
SACSN National Team Underclass
SACSN National Team Upperclass
SBA Canes 2019
SBA Canes 2020
SBA Canes 2020
SBA Canes 2021
Slammers Cronican
Slammers Quarton
Southern Athletics 15U
Southern Athletics 16U
Southern Athletics 16U
Southern Athletics 17U
Spiders 14U
Spiders 15U
Spiders 17U
Stars Baseball - Carroll 
Stars Baseball - Wrighte
Stealth 2020
TCP Mustangs
Team PowerNet
Team Rawlings Warriors 16U
Team Skillz 17U
Top Notch 15
Top Notch 16
Top Notch 17
Top Prospect Baseball 2019
Top Prospect Baseball 2020
Top Prospect Baseball 2021
Ultimate Performance 16U
Upstate Mavz
Upstate Mavz
Upstate Mavz
Vipers Baseball Club 16U
Vipers Baseball Club 18U
WM9 15U Signature
WM9 16U Signature
WM9 17U Signature

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Entry Fee $1,100.00

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