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2018 Palm Beach Classic

Event Date: Jun 8th - Jun 13 2018
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5 Star American Black 15U
5 Star American Black 16U
5 Star American Black 17U
5 Star American Gold 15U
5 Star American Gold 16U
5 Star American White 17U
5 Star Black 15U
5 Star Black 16U
5 Star Black 17U
5 Star National Burress 16U
5 Star National Dobbs 16U
5 Star National Dobbs 17U
5 Star National Moss 15U
5 Star National Shouse 15U
5 Star National White 17U
Arizona Prospects
Baseline Bulldogs
Baseline Bulldogs
Baseline Bulldogs
Boca Thunder 2020
Broward Baseball Academy 14U
Broward Baseball Academy 16U
Broward Baseball Academy 17U Gold
Broward Baseball Academy 17U Black
Canes American 2020
Cannons Baseball Academy
Carolina A's 16U
Central Florida Seminioles 16U
Central Florida Seminioles 16U
Central Florida Seminioles 18U
Chandler World
Chandler World 2019
Chandler World 2020
Chandler World 2021
Chandler World 2022
Cigar City Baseball 16U
Cigar City Baseball 18U
Coastal Prospects
Coastal Prospects
Coastal Prospects
Coastal Prospects
Deerfield Beach Select
East Coast Baseball 16U
East Coast Baseball 18U
East Coast Bombers 14U
East Coast Bombers 15U
3n2 Bombers National 16U
Edge Baseball 
Elite Baseball Academy 18U
Elite Squad North 14U
Elite Squad North 15U
Elite Squad North 16U
Elite Squad North 17U
Elite Squad Prime 14U
Elite Squad Prime 15U
Elite Squad Prime 16U
Elite Squad Prime 17U
Elite Squad Select 15U
Elite Squad Select 16U
Elite Squad Select 17U
Elite Squad South 15U
Elite Squad South 16U
Elite Squad South 17U
Elite Squad Underclass Prime
Florida Baseball Academy
Florida Baseball Academy 
Florida Burn 16U
Florida Burn 2018
Florida Burn 2018 Platinum
Florida Burn 2018 Premier
Florida Burn 2019 North
Florida Burn 2019 Premier
Florida Burn 2019 South
Florida Burn 2020
Florida Burn 2020 Platinum
Florida Burn 2020 Premier
Florida Elite Baseball 
Florida Pokers - Original 14U
Florida Pokers - Original 16U
Florida Pokers - Original 18U
Florida Pokers 15U Underclass Navy
Florida Pokers 16U Underclass Carolina
Florida Pokers 17U Upperclass Carolina
FTB Celebration 18U
FTB Gamblers
FTB Game Changers 
FTB Orlando 18U
FTB Persio 18U
FTB Rockets 2021
FTB Rockets 16U
FTB Rockets 17U
FTB Tucci - Baio 2020
FTB Tucci - Berryhill  2018
FTB Tucci - Cleveland 2020
FTB Tucci - Jax 2018
FTB Tucci - Orlando 2019
FTB Tucci - Select 15U
FTB Tucci - Sindone 2019
FTB Tuccie - 55 2018
Gatorball 15U
Gatorball 18U
GBSA Rays 14U
GBSA Rays 16U
GBSA Rays 17/18U
Heat Baseball 2019
Heat Baseball 2020
Heat Baseball 2021 Red
Heat Baseball 2022
Hit Factory 
Hit Factory
Home Plate Chili Dogs 16U Argila
Home Plate Chili Dogs 16U Black
Home Plate Chili Dogs 16U Estrada/Austin
Home Plate Chili Dogs 17U Maldonado
Home Plate Chili Dogs 17U West
Humble Ambition 14U
Humble Ambition 16U
IBAHS Knights 16U 
IBAHS Knights 17U 
Inspiration Academy 18U
Junior Legends
Junior Legends White
Loco Baseball Academy 14U
Loco Baseball Academy 16U
Loco Baseball Academy 16U
Loco Baseball Academy 17U
Lowcountry Reds
Mets Scout team Marucci 14U
Mets Scout Team Marucci 16U
Mets Scout Team Marucci 18U
Miami Jays Prospects 16U
Miami Jays Prospects Navy 18U
Miami Jays Prospects Red 18U
Miami Miracles
Miami Miracles INTL
Mudcats Select
Nelson Baseball School 17/18U
Next level Baseball 18U
North Florida Storm Black
North Florida Storm Black 
North Florida Storm Red
North Florida Storm Red
North Florida Storm Silver
North Florida Storm White
North Florida Storm White
Northeast Baseball 
Orioles Scout Team 
Ostinger Baseball Academy 2019
Ostinger Baseball Academy 2020
Ostinger Baseball Academy 2021
Palm Beach Select 2019
Palm Beach Select 2020
Palm Beach Select 2021
Palm Beach Select 2022
Patriots Baseball 18U
Power Baseball 16U
Power Baseball 2018
Power Baseball 2018 Navy
Power Baseball 2019
Power Baseball 2019 Blue
Power Baseball 2020
Power Baseball 2020 White
Premier Baseball Academy
Rawlings Legends Lakeland
Rawlings Legends Lakeland
Rawlings Legends Lakeland
Rawlings Legends Lakeland
Richmond Braves 16U
SBA Canes 2018
SBA Canes 2019
Score INTL 16U Tampa
Score INTL 17U Bama
Score INTL 17U Tampa
Scorpions 2018 North
Scorpions 2018 Orlando
Scorpions 2018 Orlando Purple
Scorpions 2018 Prime
Scorpions 2018 South Black
Scorpions 2018 South Purple
Scorpions 2018 West
Scorpions 2019 North
Scorpions 2019 Orlando
Scorpions 2019 Orlando Purple
Scorpions 2019 Prime
Scorpions 2019 South
Scorpions 2019 West
Scorpions 2019 West Purple
Scorpions 2020 North
Scorpions 2020 Orlando
Scorpions 2020 Orlando Purple
Scorpions 2020 Prime
Scorpions 2020 South Black
Scorpions 2020 South Purple
Scorpions 2020 West
Scorpions Georgia 15U
Scorpions Georgia 16U
Scorpions Georgia 17U
Lion Mode Baseball 16U
Lion Mode Baseball 18U
Showtime 14U
Showtime 15U
Showtime 16U
Showtime 17U
Smartense Angels
South Florida Breakers 14U
South Florida Breakers 15U
South Florida Breakers 16U
South Florida Breakers 17U
South Florida Select 16U
Southern Squeeze 16U
Rawlings Stealth Florida 2021
Rawlings Stealth Florida Underclass
SWFL Elite 2018
SWFL Elite 2019
SWFL Nation 2018
SWFL Nation 2019
Team Citius Florida
Team Citius Florida
Team Citius Florida 
Team Citius Texas
Team Citius Texas
Team Citius Texas
Team Skillz 17U
Time To Sign Prime
TNXL Academy 16U
TNXL Academy 18U
US Elite 2020
US Elite 2021
US Elite Scout 2019
Vanguard Seven Tools
Vipers Baseball Club 14U
Vipers Baseball Club 16U
Vipers Baseball Club 18U
West Coast 9 Devils 16U
West Coast 9 Devils 18U
X Team 2019
X Team 2020
X Team 2021
X Team 2022

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